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Dear Queens!

Welcome to The Orgasmic Queen Online Workshops.

For many years we have been travelling around the world and running workshops and seminars on the subjects of Love, Intimacy, Pleasure, Sacred Sexuality and Emotional Mastery.

However, there is something challenging. We can only go to limited number of cities and accommodate a certain amounts of people in our workshops. We have had sold out events where many women and men could not get a chance to attend our classes. 

We have received so many invitations from people around the world to go to their hometown but the logistics and the timing could not make it possible. 

That is why, we have come to a very powerful conclusion:

We would love to bring the Workshops to the comfort of your home!

We desire to share our passion and services in a way that as long as you have access to internet, you be able to attend our classes.


That is why we have decided to create a series of online workshops where you get to use your phone or laptop, sit anywhere you want and learn and grow as a sexual being. 

* Online Workshops will be held LIVE and via Zoom.
**All the workshops will be recorded. So, if you missed the LIVE class, you can access the link to the video and can rewatch it anytime you want. 
*** Each recordings will be available to rewatch for 1 month after it is held. 


"You can restore your relationship with your internal feminine power, reconnect with your sensuality and discover how to use your emotions in a whole new way."

Eugina O Liberty

"Women are natural born lovers. However, the only obstacle on their way is shame. When women overcome their shame, they become the most amazing lovers and healers in the world." 

Sia Di


Online Workshops
(2019 - 2020)


Emotional Detox

29 | Dec | 2019

As human beings, we carry so much restored negative emotions in our bodies.


Any dissatisfactory encounters, traumas, unresolved situations can turn into emotional blockages that affect your daily life. They also affect our behaviours and our responses to triggers.

In this 3 hour powerful workshop, you will learn 5 tools to move and release emotions and will go through one of the most potent exercises that helps you bring closure, forgiveness and clarity with past lovers.



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Shame Release Ritual

26 | Jan | 2020

You are a natural born lover. All you need to do is to remove the poisonous shame that have been projected on you through history.

In this 3 hour online workshop, we guide you to explore your shameful beliefs towards yourself and your sexuality. It is going to be a deep Shadow Work.

Ultimately, through a beautiful and powerful ritual, you get to release this shame.

When shame is released, what left is love and self-acceptance!




Connecting with your Desires

23 | Feb | 2020

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live the life of your Desires?
Your Desires are your compass in life. 

In this 3 hour online workshop we will share few of the most powerful tools to reconnect with your Desire, remove obstacles that get in they way of you creating an intimacy you want and to be open to receive it.

You can be, do and have whatever you want. The life you Desire is closer that you think...

Are you ready to explore your Desires?!



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