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What We Stand For


Your body is your Temple
Your Yoni is the source of your power and bliss

Pleasure is every woman's birth-right

When shame free, every woman is a superior lover

Love Making, when done consciously, is the most powerful prayer

When Sex & Heart collide, Sacred Sexuality is born.

Self-Love & Self-Awareness are the foundation of intimacy

You can be, do and have whatever you Desire

Boundaries give freedom

Communication is the ultimate form of self-expression

our mission is to raise sexual consciousness & to bring more love, connection and pleasure into your intimate life.


What women say
about working with us


The biggest take away for me was to learn how to say "NO" to the things I don't want!

Finally I realised that frustration was coming from me not from my partner...

Mihaela, Business and Finance

I did the course because I wanted to learn more about my sexuality and orgasms.

What I learned was that I can have it all in life!! You can for everything and you can have everything.

Nora, Mother of four, Artist


This course has helped me to gain more understanding and accessing to my divine feminine wisdom. The classes have opened many portals and potential​s within me. Thanks you Eugina and Sia! Amazing stuff!!


So, we are taken on a sexy journey where the core is self love. To take responsibility for your own pleasure is emphasised over and over again in the sessions. Because if you don’t know how to pleasure yourself, how could you expect a partner to do it?

Anna. A


I can only deeply recommend this course to every women who wants to get to know herself better and expand her knowledge of self-love, pleasure, boundaries... This course really helped me in finding clarity for topics related to my body I normally don't talk about.  

Anna. S


Being a mum, it is easy to forget about you and your desires so I felt I needed to go back to honour myself. The course has been enlightening. I learnt so much about my own body and pleasure that I did not even know about. I learnt to set stronger boundaries for myself and my relationship. 

Debora. L


About Us

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Eugina O Liberty


I help women every day to build incredibly intimate lives, full of the pleasure, desire and long-lasting connections that we all long for.

You can restore your relationship with your internal feminine power, reconnect with your sensuality and discover how to use your emotions in a whole new way.

Confidence and self-love are at the core of everything that we do. When you start to truly love yourself and put yourself first, your world will start to change.

The people around you will feel the respect you have for yourself radiate off you, as you exude confidence and know you are truly worth everything amazing that life has to offer.

I have had the honour of working with women to overcome the trauma of some of life’s toughest obstacles, such as sexual abuse, emotional abuse, childhood traumas, grief, depression, low confidence and low self-esteem.

Sia Di

I am a Sacred Sexuality Coach, Body-Worker, Healer, Workshop Facilitator and Author.

I have written the "7 Principles to Master the Art of Sex" and travel around the world and run retreats on love, pleasure and intimacy. I also work online with women and help them to live a fulfilling intimate life. 

As a Body-Worker who mainly work with women, I have been exposed to many of their stories and challenges they face.


That is why my mission is to contribute to a world where women can feel Safe, Respected, Accepted and Equal.

I believe it is time to shift the old paradigm and begin a new phase in which the Feminine can be honoured in her full glory. It is time to end the suffering that been caused by the collective unconsciousness and to bring light and love into our hearts.